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Top Health Benefits of Eating Oysters December 28, 2018

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Top Health Benefits of Eating Oysters, Orange Beach, Alabama

If seafood isn’t a staple in your diet, you may want to reconsider. Ordering seafood at a restaurant or making it at home is an excellent way to provide your family with the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. Oysters, in particular, have several key benefits that other protein sources simply can’t match. Here are the top reasons to start eating more oysters.

4 Reasons to Eat Oysters

1. Protein

Humans require protein in order to build and repair tissue, as well as a variety of other critical biological processes. Oysters contain high levels of protein—⅓ of your daily requirement per serving—meaning they can help fuel your body and keep your muscles healthy and strong.

2. Zinc

seafoodOysters also contain extremely high levels of zinc. In addition to helping your body maintain healthy functions throughout your lifespan, zinc has also been attributed with boosting the immune system and healing wounds more quickly.

3. Calorie Count

Additionally, oysters have a considerably low calorie count in comparison to their high level of nutrients. This makes them particularly enticing to people attempting to lose weight. You can provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to feel satisfied while remaining within your calorie restriction.

4. Good Cholesterol

Lastly, oysters contain omega-3 fatty acids and a healthy form of cholesterol known as HDL. When present in the bloodstream, they combat the negative effects of bad cholesterol, preventing it from sticking to your artery and vessel walls. This ultimately helps reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, which is attributed to one in every four deaths each year in the U.S.


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