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How You Can Prevent Ice Dams on Your Roof December 28, 2018

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How You Can Prevent Ice Dams on Your Roof, Waterbury, Connecticut

When winter rolls around, roofing contractors often warn homeowners about the dangers of ice dams. Deposits of ice on your roof can keep water trapped, which in turn causes leaks and other issues. There are steps you can take to prevent ice dams from forming, as illustrated by the following information.

Make Sure Your Attic Is Insulated

Ice dams form because of uneven temperatures on the roof. If the upper portion of the roof is warm but the lower portion is cold, ice will melt and run down the roof only to freeze again at the bottom. This is why roofing contractors urge proper insulation. By keeping the roof a uniform temperature, it will prevent the freeze/thaw cycle and stop ice dams from forming as a result.

De-Ice Your Roof

You can also remove snow from your roof to prevent it from freezing. However, this can be tough for many homeowners to do on their own, especially during the winter months. Instead, consider having a roofing company undertake the task. Many companies utilize steaming devices which safely melt ice and snow. Additionally, this option is less likely to damage your roof.

Clean Your Gutters

roofing contractorIce can also build up in your gutters. This occurs when gutters are filled with debris like leaves and twigs. This debris can quickly freeze over when temperatures drop, which will prevent gutters from ferrying water down to the ground below. Proper gutter maintenance is key in this case, which entails clearing gutters of any debris on a regular basis.


If your roof has already sustained damaged because ice dams, M&J Roofing is here to lend a hand. These roofing contractors offer over 26 years of years of experience, which include roof and gutter repair as well as roof replacement. They’ll assess the state of your current roof and offer the best solution, whether you’re experiencing leaks, have damaged shingles, or need help with wind damage. Contact a roofing contractor in Waterbury, CT, today by calling (203) 754-3820. You can also learn more about the services offered by visiting them online.

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