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Avoid These 3 Sprinkler Damages With Winterization December 28, 2018

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Avoid These 3 Sprinkler Damages With Winterization, Manchester, New York

Harsh, chilly weather conditions are known for causing various problems in and around residences. Sprinkler heads and plumbing are no exception, which is why proper winterization is crucial. Continue reading to learn more about common damages and how to effectively prevent them during the coldest months of the year.

3 Sprinkler Damages & How Winterization Can Help

Burst Pipes

Though they’re located underground, which provides some insulation against the cold, your sprinkler pipes may still freeze during the winter. This is usually due to standing water in the pipes that expands once temperatures drop below 32 degrees. In some cases, your pipes may burst entirely, creating the need for repairs or replacements. As part of your sprinkler winterization plan, drain your pipes, and shut off the main water supply valve.

Damaged Sprinkler Heads

winterizationAs ice and snow collect on your lawn and landscaping, they put excessive weight on your sprinkler heads. As a result, the heads may crack under pressure, presenting the need for replacements. Freeze-thaw conditions may also cause physical damage to your sprinkler heads. Either remove them in advance of winter or use cover plates to insulate them from the frigid elements.


You may not even notice that there are leaks in your sprinkler system until you attempt to operate it again in the spring. In many cases, these leaks originate from cold weather conditions that created cracks in the pipework. One of the most common symptoms of leaks is low or no water pressure when you attempt to run your sprinkler system. Wrap your main water line with insulation blankets or heating tape to prevent this issue.


The Sprinkler Connection provides winterization services to prepare your lawn and garden for the cold season. For over 30 years, they’ve provided irrigation solutions including installations, repairs, and backflow testing to clients throughout Pittsford, NY, and the surrounding areas. Call (585) 398-3960 to get a quote on sprinkler installation services for your specific landscape design. Visit them online to learn more about winterization and year-round maintenance.

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