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What Are the Best Home Construction Projects for Each Season? December 28, 2018

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What Are the Best Home Construction Projects for Each Season?, West Plains, Missouri

While you could start on any home construction project today, the weather, cost of materials, and available labor might not agree with you. Save time, frustrations, and possibly money by tackling the right remodeling task at the right time. Knowing which season is most conducive to your project will help you in your planning.


If you want to add a new room to your home, the frozen ground and dry winter conditions create the perfect environment for digging the foundation and pouring concrete. You can also get great deals on paint this time of the year if you want to spruce up a room or two with fresh coats; however, make sure to keep the heat in your home above 60 degrees to allow the paint to dry faster.

It’s also possible to save some money by completing a smaller kitchen and bathroom remodeling project in winter. Stick to tasks that don't require leaving your home open to the elements, like re-tiling or replacing appliances and fixtures. 


constructionOnce the weather starts warming up, you can begin focusing on outdoor construction projects. The ground is much softer, which will come in handy for hand digging poles for a new deck. Spring is also a good time to start interior work on a new addition. However, be prepared for carpenters to be busier this season as more people begin remodeling projects. Also, the rainy season can cause delays in work. 


Unless you live in a particularly humid region, summer is an ideal time for repairing or replacing the roof and shingles on your home. They both require specific temperatures for sealing correctly. 

Full kitchen and bath remodeling should also be saved for late summer. The conditions are better for completely stripping the rooms and performing any necessary plumbing and electricity alterations. 


Early fall is the ideal time for completing many of the home construction projects already mentioned. The weather is cool enough for contractors to work and warm enough to ensure the task is completed correctly. Exterior painting, for instance, requires a non-muggy climate between 50 and 90 degrees to allow the paint to adhere to the home and dry quickly. Also, there are more quality painters available during this time of the year. There are also more contractors available for roofing and siding projects.


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