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3 Ways to Prepare Your Plumbing for Holiday Parties December 28, 2018

Norwalk, Fairfield County
3 Ways to Prepare Your Plumbing for Holiday Parties, Norwalk, Connecticut

During the holidays, two rooms in your home can see a lot more traffic than usual — your bathroom and kitchen — thanks to social gatherings. This can cause a building’s plumbing to work overtime, and homeowners should anticipate clogged toilets and drains. Fortunately, some preparation can prevent these problems and others before they occur. Here are some ways you should get your plumbing ready for your guests.

3 Plumbing Tips for When You’re Hosting Guests

1. Clean Your Drains

clogged toiletClogged toilets and drains can occur when users flush items such as excess paper or hair, sanitary napkins, and coffee grounds down drains. Drain cleaning services can help you clear existing obstructions so that your toilet, shower, sinks, and garbage disposals are equipped to handle additional use while you’re entertaining guests.

2. Buy Extra Toilet Paper That’s Thin

Many clogged toilets are caused by using too much toilet paper. Since you’ll need to buy extra toilet paper for your guests, select thin-quality paper when you’re at the store. Not only will it break apart easily when it’s flushed, but you can also save money by choosing a non-name brand product.

3. Service Your Garbage Disposal

If you’re hosting a social gathering, there’s sure to be food involved, which means your garbage disposal might be used more frequently. Cleaning your garbage disposal can be done naturally by pouring a bottle of vinegar and box of baking soda down the drain, waiting 10 minutes, and then flushing with hot water. Drain cleaning services provided by a plumber will also address the drains your garbage disposal uses.


If you need professional drain cleaning services to prevent such problems as clogged toilets during the holidays, the experts at All-Star Rooter specialize in cleaning out sewer lines, drain lines, and clogs for residents in Fairfield and New Haven counties in Connecticut. Owner Bryan Card has over 30 years of experience restoring the proper flow of water for homes and businesses in the area. Using state-of-the-art equipment, technicians can root out the cause of clogs and prevent plumbing problems in your home. Visit them online or call (203) 286-4498 to request a consultation today.

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