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A Simple Guide to Hosting a Small Wedding December 21, 2018

West Berkeley, Berkeley
A Simple Guide to Hosting a Small Wedding, Berkeley, California

A small wedding is a wise choice for many couples, as it offers many advantages over a large party. It can be much more intimate and personal, allowing for the couple to spend more time with their guests, while keeping the affair more affordable. Once you’ve chosen your small wedding venue, use the guide below to host a successful event.

What to Know When Planning a Small Wedding

How to Control the Size

small wedding venueTake control of your guest list. Begin by giving yourself a maximum number; if you booked a small wedding venue, ask them if they have a maximum number of people who can attend.

Sit down to create your list, starting with family members and close friends. You may need to limit plus ones or tell people they can’t bring their children. Whatever limitations you choose, be upfront with your guests about what they are and why they may not be able to bring certain people. There may be some hurt feelings from people who aren’t invited, but your loved ones should support you having your wedding your way.

How to Make it Successful

If you want an intimate party, choose a small wedding venue to match. If you pick a space that’s too large, the party will seem empty, but a smaller space will appear cozy and perfect. Because you’ll have less guests to take care of, you can invest in the details. One example is offering a wine pairing for each course or upgrading to a more luxurious wedding package. With fewer people attending, you also have the unique opportunity to make the event more entertaining by involving everyone in some way. Have someone at each table share a memory of the couple or host a game during the reception that everyone can participate in.


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