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3 Christian Dating Tips for Teens & Young Adults January 4, 2019

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3 Christian Dating Tips for Teens & Young Adults, High Point, North Carolina

Dating in the modern age can be tricky for some teenagers and young adults striving to live by the word of God and put their Christian education into practice. With popular apps and television shows stressing the importance of dating multiple people, it could be easy for some Christians to lose sight of finding a meaningful relationship. Keeping the following points in mind will make it easier to navigate the dating world and find a partner who shares your goals and beliefs. 

3 Dating Suggestions for Christian Teens & Young Adults

1. Approach Each Situation With Maturity 

Showing others the same respect you desire is an important component of leading a Christian life, and that shouldn’t be forgotten when entering a relationship. Take each interaction seriously and be honest about your feelings. Get to know the person and ask about their relationship with God. It will lead to more meaningful discussions than hiding behind the mask of flirting.

2. Open Up to Your Parents

With experience comes knowledge, so ask your parents for advice regarding dating. Since they know you and your beliefs, they can answer questions and provide valuable insight to help you find the right partner. You can also use your parents as relationship role models and strive to find a partner who can offer the same positive dynamic. 

3. Avoid Activities That Lead to Infatuation

High-Point-North-Carolina-Christian-education Your Christian education stresses finding someone to share the rest of your life with, so don’t harbor intense emotions for someone you are just getting to know. Although you can look at profiles on social media sites to learn more about a potential partner, avoid spending hours combing through any information you can find. This can lead to an inaccurate sense of familiarity, causing you to rush into situations instead of nurturing your feelings and building a stronger bond. 


For additional help putting your Christian education into practice, visit Oak View Baptist Church in High Point, NC. Through youth groups and Bible study sessions, you’ll learn how to use your beliefs to overcome obstacles, including the complicated world of dating. To learn more about worship services and Christian education opportunities in the Piedmont Triad region, call (336) 841-6511. Visit the church online for additional information about their ministries.

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