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3 Reasons Why Building With Concrete Is Good for the Environment January 2, 2019

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3 Reasons Why Building With Concrete Is Good for the Environment, Lexington-Fayette Northeast, Kentucky

Concrete is a durable building material made of some fairly basic ingredients including water, rock, sand or gravel aggregate, and Portland cement. Once everything is mixed together and poured, it hardens into a tough material that’s perfect for construction and building.

Contractors who perform concrete repair tout the reasons why concrete is sustainable and good for the environment from a practical standpoint. The guide below discusses several environmental benefits of building with the concrete.

3 Reasons Why Concrete is a Green Building Material

1. Made With Recycled Materials

Concrete contains primarily recycled materials that are by-products of the manufacturing industry. Portland cement used in the production of concrete is created from residue that is leftover during the coal combustion process. The aggregates found in concrete are formed from waste products during demolition and other refinery processes. These materials are often recycled and used to produce concrete instead of sent to landfills.

2. Long Lifespan

Concrete RepairCompared to other materials, concrete structures can last for many decades before major concrete repairs are necessary. It’s very strong and can withstand high winds and inclement weather better than almost any material except steel. While wood is susceptible to fire, water damage, rot, and mold, concrete requires little maintenance and can endure severe conditions, which means it takes less effort to maintain the material.

3. Reusable

When concrete is demolished, the material can be recycled and reused in other projects. Old concrete can be crushed and reused multiple times, making it a highly sustainable product to use in construction projects. In fact, using concrete can help builders obtain green building credits under the under the LEED green building rating system, thanks to the material’s unique properties.


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