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4 Signs Your Home Needs Asbestos Testing December 28, 2018

West New York, Hudson County
4 Signs Your Home Needs Asbestos Testing, West New York, New Jersey

Whether you’re purchasing a new home of you’re developing issues in your current one, conducting asbestos testing is important to ensure your family is safe from this hazardous material. Many of the warning signs can be difficult to recognize until the health of you and your home has already been compromised. Discover the most common signs your home may need asbestos testing.

Top Indications You May Have Asbestos

1. Your Home Was Built Before 1986

Asbestos was a chemical and fire-resistant material that was used in flooring, ceiling and wall insulation in many homes. It was cheap and durable, making it popular in construction projects completed between 1920 to the 1980s. If your home—or even just the structure—was made before 1986, you should hire a professional to conduct asbestos testing.

2. You Have Vinyl Flooring

asbestos testingDuring the same time asbestos was placed in homes, manufacturers also used the substance in vinyl flooring. A friable version of asbestos was put in the backing of vinyl flooring sheets, which makes it even easier for the small fibers to be released into the air when damaged.

3. Textured Ceilings

If you have a popcorn ceiling or another type of texture, you might want to conduct asbestos testing. The sprays and items used to create textures on ceilings often used asbestos as a sealant, so if these get disturbed or begin to break down, the chemical can be released into the air. 

4. Your Pipes are Falling Apart

Asbestos was also used in plumbing fixtures to coat and insulate the pipes. As your pipes age, you may notice signs of erosion and disintegration, which could be a sign of asbestos. Additionally, some tape used to seal pipes and prevent leaks may have contained asbestos, which can get into the water supply if the plumbing begins to fall apart.



If your home is beginning to show signs of asbestos or you’re planning a renovation and aren’t sure if it’s safe, trust the professionals at Northeast Environmental LLC in Hudson County, NJ, for your testing needs. The company is certified and licensed to perform asbestos testing, abatement, and removal. To see a list of their services, visit them online or call (201) 776-0642 to schedule asbestos testing.