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Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security January 2, 2019

South Riding, Loudoun
Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security, South Riding, Virginia

Although modern technology makes every part of running a business easier from processing client invoices to sending data to offsite employees, it also increases the risk of hackers gaining access to sensitive information. Unfortunately, some small- to medium-size businesses aren’t well-versed in conducting business in the digital landscape. To stress the importance of protecting digital data, below is a guide to cyber security for businesses. 

An Introduction to Cyber Security

Why Cyber Security Is Important 

Digital thieves have become much savvier in the internet age. They hack into company networks and install a variety of sophisticated malicious software (“malware”), including viruses, ransomware, and spyware. These programs allow thieves to destroy or corrupt data, access sensitive information, and threaten to block access to systems unless ransom is paid. Businesses lacking cyber security plans and knowledge of how to conduct operations safely often fall victim to these attacks, and the rate of these cybercrimes has only continued to increase. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the number of ransomware attacks skyrocketed 300% between 2015 and 2016, and there have been 181.5 million incidents since January 2018.

How to Protect Your Business

cyber securityMaking sure every employee takes proper precautions when conducting business online is the best way to ward off cyberattacks. As part of the cyber security plan, all Wi-Fi networks should be hidden, encrypted, and password-protected. This makes it difficult for hackers to log into networks and wreak havoc on your business. Additionally, all programs and networks should include firewall software. This is an extra layer of protection to keep strangers off networks. The software should be installed on all computers used onsite as well as on devices used by offsite employees. Reach out to a managed services provider to craft a plan that suits your unique business needs. They’ll provide IT solutions to ensure business runs efficiently yet safely, and keep you updated on equipment and software upgrades that will boost your cyber security. 


If you need help protecting your company’s digital assets, the professionals at Red Jacket Systems will help. Based in Chantilly, VA, these expert technicians will establish a comprehensive cyber security plan to keep your operations safe. To discover how the team will help your Fairfax County area business, call (703) 436-2934. Visit the IT company online to see the scope of available services, and become a Twitter follower for advice that will help your business thrive.