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Tips for Starting a Daily Devotion in the New Year December 28, 2018

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Tips for Starting a Daily Devotion in the New Year, High Point, North Carolina

A daily devotion is time you spend every day reflecting on the word of God and spending time in the divine presence. It may include a Bible study, but it's more than that. Daily devotion is a period of private, spiritual growth and meditation, and practitioners often find it offers peace of mind, spiritual guidance, and a time for prayer. With a new year — and new resolutions — approaching, you may want to begin a daily devotional but don’t know how to get started. Here are a few tips for making your New Year’s resolution a reality. 

How to Start a Daily Devotional

Set Aside Time Each Morning

Morning is often the best time to perform devotionals because it sets the tone for the day with a relaxing period of communion. It colors everything that follows and puts you in a peaceful, even grateful, state of mind. Take as much time as you want, but don't feel you have to devote a minimum amount of time. Some people find that a few minutes is enough, while others feel that an hour is not enough. The time you set aside is completely up to you.

Find a Quiet Spot

bible studyThe place you choose for your daily devotion should provide uninterrupted peace and quiet for the duration. The solution could be a bench in your back garden, a quiet kitchen table with your morning coffee, or even the front seat of your car before leaving for school or work. As long as you have a bit of privacy and quietude, nearly any location will work.

Put Your Devices Away

The last thing you want during your daily period of reflection and Bible study is the chirp or chime of a cell phone to interrupt you. Leave your tablet, phone, computer, and any other digital device behind. You have the rest of the day to read and answer text messages. 

Choose Multiple Devotional Sources

Countless books, calendars, and now even websites provide a source of wonderful once-a-day messages and Bible study quotations. By maintaining several sources, you have access to a variety of passage lengths. Sometimes you want an in-depth moral challenge, while other times you may just need a quick, inspirational mood booster. Having multiple sources to choose from will ensure you can keep up your daily devotion, no matter what situation you’re in. 

If your daily devotional encourages you to pursue more in-depth Bible study, visit Oak View Baptist Church in High Point, NC. They have been serving worshipers throughout Guilford County for more than 50 years and offer Sunday morning and evening worship services, as well as Bible fellowship classes and Sunday school. Visit their website to learn more about their core beliefs and service times or call to schedule a one-on-one visit with a pastor or youth minister.

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