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4 Common Questions About Corporate Immigration Answered January 4, 2019

Financial District, Manhattan
4 Common Questions About Corporate Immigration Answered, Manhattan, New York

International companies and US businesses alike often need to hire or transfer workers from outside the country. While US immigration law makes a variety of visas available to foreign-born workers, the process of selecting a visa and successfully satisfying the qualification criteria can be confusing, even for well-staffed, established business. To help you navigate the process, below are some of the most common questions about corporate immigration programs.

FAQ About Corporate Immigration

Do we need a visa if we’re transferring an employee from overseas?

Even if the individual already works for your company, you will have to formally request work authorization. The L visa is reserved for current employees with specialized skills who have worked for your company for one year or more.

How do I apply for an H-1B visa?

corporate immigrationThe H-1B visa program is reserved for workers with highly technical skills who already have a job offer with a US employer. Along with the applicant’s petition, the employer will also have to file a Labor Condition Application with the Labor Department. Because these visas are subject to an annual quota, successful applicants are selected by lottery.

When do visas have to be renewed?

Corporate immigration visas have to be renewed on a regular basis, or when the employee changes positions. The H-1B visa is valid for three years, after which you may qualify for extensions totaling no more than six years.

How can a corporate immigration attorney help?

Obtaining work authorization for desired employees and remaining in compliance with federal regulations is complex, and even minor mistakes can cause significant problems, potentially resulting in employees being deported. An immigration attorney will prepare and submit your paperwork, ensure all deadlines are met, and provide advice based on the most recent changes to the law.


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