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Answers to Important FAQ About US Immigration Law January 11, 2019

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Answers to Important FAQ About US Immigration Law, Manhattan, New York

US immigration law is notoriously complex, with constantly changing rules and complicated guidelines that overwhelm even the most determined applicants. Whether you’re applying for a visa or beginning the naturalization process, you likely have questions about paperwork, evidence, and whether you need an attorney. Below are answers to some of the most common questions you might have about navigating immigration law.

FAQ About US Immigration Law

Can you receive work authorization without an employment offer?

Most visa programs are designed for those who already have a job offer from a US employer, but there are options for those who hope to immigrate for different reasons. For instance, immigration law makes visas available to those whose immediate family members have been granted permanent residency, individuals making significant capital investments in US companies, or people who qualify for refugee status.

Can a deportation order be appealed?

immigration lawIf Immigration and Customs Enforcement decides that an individual has violated certain aspects of the criminal code or immigration law, they may begin deportation proceedings. If the judge decides deportation is appropriate, your attorney may appeal the decision with the Board of Immigration, the U.S Court of Appeals, and eventually the Supreme Court.

Is my spouse eligible for a green card?

USCIS will grant permanent residency to spouses of US citizens or green card holders, as long as they are eligible to enter the United States. This does not extend to those with temporary nonimmigrant visas, although spouses may receive work authorization in some circumstances.

Do I need an attorney?

US immigration law is constantly changing, so the guidance of an attorney is often essential for achieving a positive outcome. An experienced immigration lawyer will help you select the most appropriate visa program, ensure that your paperwork is submitted correctly, and represent your interests at any necessary hearings.


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