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5 Questions to Ask Your Custom Parts Supplier Before Placing an Order December 27, 2018

Dalton, Whitfield
5 Questions to Ask Your Custom Parts Supplier Before Placing an Order, Dalton, Georgia

Your ability to produce quality products directly depends on the parts you use. Because of this, it’s critical to thoroughly research potential suppliers of industrial hardware, pipe fittings, and other custom parts. Here are five questions to ask a company before placing an order. 

Ask These Questions Before Ordering Industrial Hardware from a Custom Parts Supplier

1. What Materials Are Available?

Diverse projects call for diverse materials, and it’s important to find a supplier who will accommodate your needs. They should be able to use varied grades of aluminum, steel, and brass to tailor the composition of industrial hardware so it fits any environment and price range.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

How long a company has been around often indicates their experience level. Decades of work means they’ve had ample opportunities to take on a variety of projects, encountering and solving many obstacles throughout the years. It also indicates that their clients were satisfied enough to trust them with multiple contracts.

3. Who Are Your Other Clients?

When hiring a supplier, you need to confirm that they’re flexible enough to handle any job you give them. To ascertain this, look at their list of past clients. Does it include multiple industries, from engineering companies and plumbers to locksmiths and contractors? Even if your needs are narrower, look for a client with a broad repertoire, as this indicates they’re easily adaptable and experienced across all industries. 

4. Do You Deliver on Time?

industrial hardwareTimeliness and reliability are critical traits in any industry, but you can only keep your promises to clients if your supplier keeps their promises to you. Before you hire someone, check whether they have a reputation for sticking to schedules, or if they’ve been known to lag behind.

5. What’s Your Inventory Like?

Even if the parts you need must be custom made, it’s worth looking into the manufacturer’s existing inventory. You never know when a project will require something unexpected. Additionally, knowing that they have a wide inventory will give you peace of mind about their ability to manufacture whatever you need.


If you’re searching for a reliable company to provide industrial hardware, structural steel, and other components for manufacturing needs, turn to Caylor Industrial Sales in Dalton, GA. Since 1980, they’ve served clients throughout Whitfield County with superb customer service, reliability, and quality. These traits have allowed them to grow and become one of the largest supply warehouses in the state. To learn more about their past clients and manufacturing capabilities, contact them online or call (706) 226-3198 to speak to a knowledgeable member of the team today.