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What Can Happen When Your Brush Your Teeth Too Hard December 28, 2018

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What Can Happen When Your Brush Your Teeth Too Hard, Springdale, Ohio

While brushing your teeth is a crucial part of at-home dental care, you can cause issues if you don’t brush the right way. For instance, brushing your teeth too hard leads to a variety of problems, which is why most visits to a family dentistry include tips on proper brushing. If you have concerns about your technique, the following information is a good source of information.

Why You Should Practice a Gentle Brushing Technique  

Brushing Too Hard Wears Down Enamel

Overly aggressive brushing may cause enamel to wear prematurely, which can expose the inner layer of teeth known as dentin. Once dentin is exposed, you face a greater risk of tooth decay, since bacteria can make their way into the inner recesses of your teeth. When brushing, use gentle strokes that cover all chewing surfaces evenly to ensure your teeth are clean.

It Can Also Damage Your Gums

family dentistryYour gum health can also be in jeopardy if you brush too harshly. Over time, your gums will recede, which causes pocketing along the tooth line. Bacteria and plaque get trapped in these pockets, which are difficult to reach via brushing and flossing alone. This also increases your risk of cavities and could even lead to tooth loss if proper treatment isn’t sought. If pockets have already formed, you’ll need to visit a family dentistry for a cleaning using special tools.

Your Teeth May Become More Sensitive

Worn enamel also makes your teeth more sensitive. This means that eating hot and cold foods can become uncomfortable, or even painful in some cases. Your daily dental care routine may also be a source of discomfort if sensitivity is an issue. In this case, your best bet is to find a toothpaste designed for people with sensitive teeth, which your family dentistry can help you with. Also, be sure to change your brushing habits to prevent further damage from occurring.



A trusted family dentistry in the Greater Cincinnati area, Kemper Pond Dental believes in providing patients with essential information so they can take charge of their oral health. During your checkup, your dentist will go over the current health of your teeth and gums, as well as ways you can improve your smile. If you need more extensive service, they offer treatments like tooth extractions, implants, root canal therapy, and cosmetic procedures to restore the former luster of your smile. To schedule an appointment, call (513) 531-4069. To see a list of their services, visit their website.

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