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3 Advantages of a Business Phone Service Upgrade December 28, 2018

Ambler, Montgomery County
3 Advantages of a Business Phone Service Upgrade, Ambler, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking to boost your company’s productivity, reduce overhead expenses, and improve client relations, a business phone service is a wise investment. With convenient integration tools and IT intelligence, businesses that make the switch enjoy the advantages of more unified communications. To provide further insight into what this upgrade can offer, here are three key benefits to consider.

Why You Should Invest in a Business Phone Service

1. Greater Productivity

With a business phone service, your organization can achieve greater productivity by assisting multiple customers simultaneously at the same number. Plus, with its convenient CRM integration, your customers’ information is automatically saved in the system and readily available to your employees. By storing a reliable record of customer history, a business phone service greatly expedites each call, saving your employees the time and hassle of having to manually locate this information. With all the time saved, employees can focus their energy on achieving important company objectives.

2. Cost Savings

business phone serviceWith multiple phone lines and numbers integrated into one number, your business can save on additional hardware and service charges from your telecom provider. Additionally, with the CRM integration and centrally organized database, there’s no need to pay for additional services to link everything together. This streamlined operation will reduce your overhead and improve your bottom line.

3. Satisfied Clients

In addition to the internal benefits a business phone service can provide, it also equates to a more satisfied customer base. As clients aren’t immediately presented with an answering machine or busy signal when they call, they can enjoy an expedited and positive customer experience. Clients will also appreciate convenient phone menus for quickly locating their desired service, as well as receiving accurate wait times for when they’re on hold. Plus, with CRM integration that stores customer history, clients will feel that their needs truly matter and they’re remembered.


If you’re looking to reap the benefits of a business phone service for your operation, put your trust in the technical expertise of Communications Deployment Partners. For over a decade, this technology broker has been helping businesses across the Mid-Atlantic Region improve their cloud phone systems and telecommunications, enabling them to operate more efficiently and lower their cost of ownership. To schedule a consultation with an IT consultant, call (215) 343-5580 or visit them online.

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