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4-Point Electrical Maintenance Winter Checklist December 21, 2018

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4-Point Electrical Maintenance Winter Checklist , Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

During the winter season, heating systems and outlets are working overtime to keep homes toasty warm. Unfortunately, a current overloading and damaged wiring can lead to power outages and fires. To ensure your house is ready and safe for the frigid temperatures, here is an electrical maintenance checklist to follow.

4-Tip Winter Electrical Maintenance Checklist

1. Inspect Wiring for Damage

Take the time to inspect all plugs, sockets, extension cords, and other wirings for any signs of wear and tear. Look for frays and burned-out spots. Using damaged items can trigger a fire and other dangerous electrical malfunctions.

electrical maintenance2. Locate the Electrical Panel

If you don’t already know, locate your home’s main electrical panel. In case of a power outage, you’ll need to access it to reset any tripped switches. Include a flashlight with an extra set of batteries on your electrical maintenance checklist so that you can clearly see the panel if the power goes out. Properly label the switches for each room.

3. Double Check Your Generator

In case there is a power failure, a generator can provide backup electricity in your home. As part of your electrical maintenance, have your generator inspected by a professional. They will thoroughly review all components and check filters, spark plugs, and other components for repair or replacement. Run the generator for at least 20 minutes once a month during winter to ensure that it’s working.

4. Turn Off Appliances at Night

Before going to bed, everyone should turn off laptops, televisions, space heaters and kitchen appliances. Leaving them on increases the chance of short circuit disasters, which can cause fires. Powering down these items at night or even while away on vacation may also help reduce your monthly heating costs.


By following several electrical maintenance steps, you can protect your home during the winter season. E-Con Electric, Inc. in Wisconsin Rapids, WI is the trusted electrician that residents and business owners call on for top-quality installation, maintenance, and repair services. The locally-owned firm has served the area for 48 years by providing a wide range of electrical services. The experienced team is on call for 24/7 emergency responses and is always committed to its motto, “Every Project Done Safe, Done Right, On Time, Every Time.” Get your home ready for the cold weather by calling (715) 423-8440 to schedule an inspection. Visit the website for information on the full suite of services.

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