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5 Kitchen Island Shapes for Your Consideration December 27, 2018

5 Kitchen Island Shapes for Your Consideration, ,

As you plan your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, you may realize there’s room for an island. Kitchen islands come in a range of shapes and styles to provide cooking spaces with extra sinks, storage, and ranges among other amenities. Mull over some of the most common island shapes to determine what accommodates your kitchen remodeling project best.

Planning a Kitchen Remodeling Project? 5 Island Shapes to Think About

1. Rectangular

Rectangular islands work perfectly in kitchens with more length than width, or any sizable cooking space. These islands frequently provide lots of storage and counterspace, which is ideal if your kitchen lacks either or both. They also offer sections for stovetops or sinks. Additionally, many rectangular islands come with wheels so you can move yours to make space for dining or other activities.

2. L-Shaped

kitchen remodelingLetter-shaped islands include those in the L shape perfect for kitchen remodeling plans that feature a triangular workflow area. Work triangles typically consist of sinks, refrigerators, and ranges to streamline food preparation. L-shaped islands featuring either a sink or a stovetop complete this triangle.

3. Round

Large and extra-large kitchens benefit from round islands. They bring sizable cooking spaces together by providing focal points. Many use round islands as extra space for eating meals or as wet bars. Round islands also come with sinks, stovetops, and storage space.

4. Semi-Circle

Another type of island often used as a wet bar or eating space, semi-circle versions generally look best in larger kitchens to avoid a cramped or cluttered look. If you have a bigger kitchen and will use the space to entertain, opt for a semi-circle model.

5. Square

Square islands provide smaller kitchens with extra space for cooking and storing items; like rectangular models, they may come with wheels. They provide up to two workstations depending on their size as well as the same amenities other islands offer.


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