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5 Landscaping Tips to Revitalize Your Lawn After Winter December 27, 2018

Long Valley, Morris County
5 Landscaping Tips to Revitalize Your Lawn After Winter, Long Valley, New Jersey

After a long winter indoors, many homeowners look forward to having a fresh green lawn to welcome them into the spring. But while the seasons may change like clockwork, it’s not always a guarantee that your grass will be ready to thrive when the weather warms up. Fortunately, if you prepare your lawn before spring, you can ensure that your landscape will bounce back and deliver beautiful results in no time. To help you achieve a more sophisticated exterior, here are five landscaping tips to follow when winter comes to a close.

Your Guide to Preparing Your Yard for Spring

1. Tidy Up Debris & Dead Turf

landscapingDead branches and leaves in your yard aren’t just unappealing—they can also affect the health of your lawn. Specifically, this organic matter can block the growth of new grass, welcome pests, and trigger mold growth. To avoid problems, clean this debris up at the first opportunity. Similarly, since dead turf can inhibit future lawn growth, dig up problem patches and discard them so new grass can have an easy entrance.

2. Address Trouble Zones

After winter weather, you might find that your lawn has several problem areas that require attention. For example, excess moisture may create depressions that should be filled with fresh topsoil to create a more even landscape. And if you remove any dead turf patches, replace them with sod or seed to spur healthy grass growth.

3. Aerate the Soil

Soil aeration is an important landscaping task that should be done in both the fall and before the spring. Run an aerator over your lawn to perforate the soil and break-up compacted areas. The holes will help allow water, fertilizers, and oxygen to penetrate the ground more easily so that the grass will get the nutrients it needs to grow.

4. Treat the Lawn

Add the proper amount of fertilizer across the landscape. Fertilizer contains essential nutrients designed to help grass grow strong and healthy after a long hibernation cycle. In many cases, you’ll also need to apply herbicide to keep weeds under control and prevent them from taking over the grass.

5. Add Mulching

When you start mowing, consider using the waste for mulching rather than bagging it. This broken-down grass can be mixed into the soil where it will decompose to add nutrients to the soil and deter thatch growth.


When you want to get your lawn in excellent condition for the spring, turn to the pros at DRS Lawn & Landscape in Long Valley, NJ. Serving Morris County for more than 25 years, this professional landscaping company can simplify your lawn care with a variety of services, including weekly mowing, spring cleanup, and fertilization services. And, if you’re looking to give your exterior a total makeover, this team is equipped to assist with landscape designs and hardscape installations. Visit this lawn maintenance provider online to see examples of their work or call (908) 879-0600 to schedule landscaping services.  

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