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5 Printer Ink Conservation Tips January 11, 2019

Jessup, Anne Arundel
5 Printer Ink Conservation Tips, Jessup, Maryland

Having a printer at home or work is convenient, but it can be frustrating when it seems like you're always running out of ink. If you’re frequently ordering printing supplies, there are ways to conserve your printer ink usage to ensure you get the most out of each cartridge. Follow the tips below to extend the usage of your ink cartridges. 

How to Conserve You Ink Usage

1. Rethink What You Print 

printing suppliesIn the past, printing documents was standard practice in offices and schools. Many companies and workplaces have switched the way they distribute documents, allowing viewers to access them on computers and phones. Before you print something, think about it beforehand to ensure a hard copy is imperative or if you can just access it digitally instead.

2. Wait to Replace Ink Cartridges

Sometimes the low ink notification pops up way before the ink is actually going to run out. This can lead to replacing the ink and wasting a partially full cartridge. Wait to replace anything until it's empty to get the most out of your ink. If you’re unsure whether the cartridge still has a good amount of ink left, a printing supplies company can help you determine how much is left. 

3. Switch Up the Font

Different fonts and sizes can require more ink, so choose a skinnier font, such as Times New Roman, and lower the sizing. While it seems small, if this is done frequently over time, it'll add up to a large amount of ink saved. 

4. Preview Before Printing

If you hit 'print' when you’re in a rush, you might end up printing excess pages of copy that you don’t need. Always preview the document before printing it so you're sure of what is going to come out. You can skip certain pages or remove images before printing. This will save you ink in the long run. 

5. Choose the Right Printer

The right printer makes all of the difference so opt for one that has a low cost per page. This might be a more expensive printer up front, but over time, it'll save you money on ink and allow you to get the most out of your printing supplies.  



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