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Why You Need Your Concrete Flooring Inspected This Winter December 27, 2018

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Why You Need Your Concrete Flooring Inspected This Winter , Arthur, North Carolina

Concrete is one of the most durable construction materials. With proper care, concrete flooring, whether in a garage or industrial facility, can last for several years. However, investing in preventative maintenance is crucial to keeping it in top shape. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to schedule a seasonal inspection.  

Why Should You Schedule Maintenance for Your Concrete Flooring This Winter? 

Protects Against Moisture

Moisture can be highly destructive to most flooring types, including concrete. When moisture seeps between or beneath concrete slabs, it can damage the material and cause cracking and disintegration. Cracks are a particular concern in the winter when water freezes and contracts, then melts and expands again, breaking apart the concrete with it. Small cracks can typically be repaired, but if you don’t address them right away, they will become larger with time. Eventually, a full floor replacement may be necessary if there is extensive damage.

Prevents Damage From Chemicals

concreteflooringWater and cold temperatures aren’t the only threat to your flooring. Harsh chemicals, such as those used in antifreeze and road de-icing agents, can also take a toll on your concrete. Road salt, for instance, mixes with rain and snow and can seep into the cracks of the floor and refreeze, making the existing expanding and contracting process even more damaging. These chemicals can also cause surface stains if the floor isn’t protected with a concrete coating.

Beat the Spring & Summer Rush

There’s a misconception that concrete coating and other concrete repairs can’t be completed in winter. This is true of certain types of coating that require a more mild temperature to apply and seal properly. However, experienced concrete contractors know which types of coating to apply in cold temperatures and how to do so correctly. When you repair and seal your garage floor at the beginning of winter, you’ll have a better-looking and better-functioning floor all season long, and you’ll beat the rush of clients looking for repairs in the spring and summer months. 


If your commercial or residential garage needs concrete coating or other concrete flooring repairs this winter, turn to the trusted team at McCord Contractors. With more than 30 years of experience serving businesses and residents throughout Pitt County, NC, they’ve earned a reputation as one of the area’s best concrete repair and commercial painting companies. For more information on how this trusted team can help your concrete flooring survive the cold weather, call (252) 321-2009. Visit their website to request a quote today.