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4 Surprising Health Benefits of Shrimp December 27, 2018

Harlem, Manhattan
4 Surprising Health Benefits of Shrimp, Manhattan, New York

Shrimp is a staple in many international cuisines. And, it’s no wonder. These tiny creatures pack a punch with crunchy texture and savory flavor. But, shrimp is also highly nutritious; you may be surprised by some of the benefits you can reap enjoying your favorite seafood.

4 Reasons to Eat More Shrimp

1. Boosts Energy

Shrimp, like most fish, is high in protein. This essential nutrient is the building block of muscle, helping to build and repair tissue and boost energy. Furthermore, shrimp is low in saturated fat and calories, unlike many animal proteins.

2. Helps With Weight Loss

shrimpAlthough many factors contribute to weight, the basic formula comes down to calories in vs. calories out. This means that to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you burn in a day. Shrimp is a low-calorie food, making it a fantastic choice for those watching their waistline. Its high-protein content can also make you feel satiated for longer. Zinc and iodine can reduce cravings and help regulate the endocrine system, boosting your metabolism.

3. Improves Brain Health

The iron in shrimp can improve red blood cell count and the cardiovascular system’s ability to provide oxygenated blood to the brain. This leads to greater mental clarity. Also, the astaxanthin — an antioxidant — in shrimp can protect cells against damage, helping boost memory and prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

4. Aids in Cancer Prevention

Astaxanthin and other carotenoids in shrimp may also help reduce the risk of cancer. Selenium, a trace mineral found in the shellfish, can also lower levels of free radicals in the body, thereby reducing the risk of certain types of cancer such as prostate and lung.


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