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3 Reasons to Contact a Towing Company for Your Car December 27, 2018

Washington, Franklin
3 Reasons to Contact a Towing Company for Your Car, Washington, Missouri

While your car may run smoothly on a daily basis, it’s not completely immune to problems that could leave you stranded roadside. Fortunately, towing companies are only a phone call away. By keeping in mind some reasons to get a towing company, you’ll be prepared the next time you run into an issue in your car.

When to Call for Help from a Towing Company

1. Your Tire Is Flat

Flat tires are a nuisance to handle and can happen at any time. If you aren’t versed in replacing them yourself, then you’ll need to contact roadside assistance to help you. A towing professional has everything needed to replace that flat tire efficiently. If you don’t have a spare in your vehicle, they can transport your car to the nearest auto shop, or your house if you prefer.

Washington, MO towing2. Your Car Breaks Down

A broken down car is in a dangerous condition. Whether it’s sputtering, smoking, or suffered damage after an accident, don’t drive it. Towing experts are happy to help you in this event. They’ll maneuver the vehicle into a safe spot so that it’s not blocking the roadway, and if there’s an auto shop nearby, they’ll tow your car there.

3. You Need Vehicle Transport

If you’re showing your car at a show, you’ll need a safe way to transport the vehicle there without the risk of damage if you don’t plan on driving it. Professional towing companies have the experience and equipment to properly handle this for you.


Dealing with unexpected emergencies on the road can be jarring. When you have Patriot Towing of Washington, MO, on speed dial, you don’t have to worry. These towing professionals can help you out of any jam, whether it’s a flat tire, an accident, or an unexpected breakdown. The company takes pride in working with a wide range of vehicles. They’re proud to offer 24-hour roadside assistance within a 30-mile radius of Franklin County. Visit their website for more information, or call them at (636) 392-5070.

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