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What Parents Should Know About the FasTrack Core Program December 27, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
What Parents Should Know About the FasTrack Core Program, Brooklyn, New York

Early childhood education is important, as it provides youngsters with the groundwork to achieve higher scores as they advance in their studies. To reinforce what’s taught at school, the Brooklyn, NY-based learning center FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center offers a core program of fun, academic-based curriculum for children ages three to six years old. To discover how your child will benefit from enrollment, below are program details. 

A Brief Guide to the FasTrack Core Program

Curriculum Concentrates on STEAM Learning

During the two-year program, kids are exposed to a curriculum in 12 subjects based on the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics) educational approach. Many projects are displayed on the interactive whiteboard, allowing kids to become advanced digital learners to succeed in the 21st century. While participating in activities, children learn to analyze concepts and ideas to improve their critical-thinking skills and how to use their imaginations to take a creative approach to solving problems.

Kids Learn Valuable Social Skills

Brooklyn-New-York-learning-center (2)Being able to communicate with others and work on teams are necessary qualities to find success in the workforce later in life. Through group projects at the learning center, youngsters learn how to work with peers to organize information, solve problems, and achieve goals. Knowing they are a valuable member of a team will also increase your child’s confidence and eagerness to interact with others. The educators encourage children to express thoughts in complete sentences, which will also increase their language skills to be better communicators.    

Parents Are Regularly Updated on Progress

The educators at the learning center strive to make sure each student is provided with the tools to excel. That’s why they consistently monitor each child’s progress to determine where they need extra guidance. The teachers discuss the information with parents so they can work together to set specific goals. Parents are also provided with weekly updates in the form of Exploring Sheets, which recap their children’s progress and provide suggestions on ways to reinforce what’s learned at home.

If you are interested in signing your child up for the core program, the staff at FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center is excited to talk more about the benefits this opportunity provides. To learn about the curriculum as well as additional reading and math enrichment programs and summer camps for kids in Brooklyn, call (347) 987-4450. You can also visit the learning center online for details and become a Facebook fan for information on free diagnostic assessments. 

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