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3 Ways to Incorporate Green Design Into Any Commercial Building Construction December 28, 2018

Columbus, Franklin
3 Ways to Incorporate Green Design Into Any Commercial Building Construction, Columbus, Ohio

Commercial building construction projects vary in size and scale, but they all have one thing in common. They require specialized knowledge, careful planning, and precise execution to be a success, especially when clients demand a green building. If a goal of your project is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy usage, an experienced design team and contractor can use these ideas and more to design a sustainable building for your use.

3 Ideas for Incorporating a Green Design Into Your Construction Project

1. Use More Eco-Friendly Materials

Every commercial building construction project traditionally begins with a steel or metal structure, but that's starting to change. Scientists have engineered timber strong enough to create massive structures, which can reduce harmful emissions used in the process of refining steel. Recycled materials, such as plastic, and other natural materials, such as bamboo, can also be mixed and used in the interior and exterior design of buildings. Gone are the days when metals were the only options available in building design.

2. Utilize More Natural Light

Commercial building constructionMany office buildings are implementing open workspaces surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows so that office spaces will have more natural light. Architects can remove interior walls or replace them with glass options to bring more light into a building, reducing dependency on artificial lighting. This can significantly lower energy costs, too. 

3. Include Plenty of Ventilation & Insulation

Commercial buildings use a lot of energy, thanks in large part to their HVAC systems. Installing smart ventilation and proper amounts of insulation can reduce utility costs and lower energy usage. For example, install individual thermostats that allow workers in different parts of a building to control the air conditioning of their own spaces. This keeps the entire HVAC system from working hard to accommodate all areas at once.


When it comes to commercial building construction, the builders at TTAD, LLC in Reynoldsburg, OH, have been at the forefront of sustainability for years. Their team specializes in implementing top-of-the-line products in every project, no matter how small or big. If you have a commercial space to build, call (740) 927-1787 to request a consultation for a custom design today. 

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