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When to Plan Water Well Drilling January 4, 2019

Walton, Washington
When to Plan Water Well Drilling, Walton, Missouri

If you’re building a new home or planning well installation on your existing property, your drilling schedule can make a significant difference. Water well drilling is possible in almost any weather, but the date you choose may affect several factors in the process. Winter is often the best time, but it might be more important to work around your construction schedule.

How to Choose the Best Time for Water Well Drilling

1. The Effect of Temperature

water well drillingMany people assume that water well drilling isn’t possible in winter due to the frozen ground. However, if your excavation contractor is equipped to drill through stone, which many are, they can also drill through frozen soil. As long as it isn’t cold enough to freeze the water from the drill itself, you can schedule well installation.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Your provider’s schedule is likely crowded in summer, making it difficult to set a time and potentially more expensive, so try scheduling in winter for more flexibility and better deals. Wet conditions might cause machinery to sink or slip, so monitor the forecast for a dry day to plan your water well drilling.

3. Your Construction Schedule

If you’re building a new home, the best time to add a well is before construction begins. This way, it’s finished and covered before the soil is moved and other heavy equipment gets in the way. The sooner you can schedule drilling, the more leeway you’ll have if bad weather or other unexpected delays occur.


If you’re planning to add a well, call Marshall Eye Jr Water Well Drilling & Repair Service in Potosi, MO, to find out your scheduling options. Serving Washington County, they have almost 60 years of experience providing quality well inspections and excavation and installation services. To schedule a consultation, send a message online or call (314) 541-6239 to speak with a specialist.

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