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4 Common Water Heater Myths January 4, 2019

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4 Common Water Heater Myths, La Crosse, Wisconsin

There seems to be a number of myths surrounding water heater operation and the proper way to use this appliance. These misconceptions may be costing you money or wasting water. To help clear up these issues, the sections below discuss these myths in further detail.

Common Misconceptions About Water Heaters

1. Water Heaters Need No Maintenance

You should have your tank serviced annually to ensure it's working properly. A plumber will drain it to remove accumulated sediment and improve the heater's efficiency. They'll also check for leaks, examine the water quality and, if necessary, replace the tank's sacrificial anode—a metal element that attracts corrosive elements in the water and prevents the tank itself from rusting.

2. You Must Wash Your Hands in Hot Water

Water heatersHow many times per day do you wash your hands, waiting as cold water runs into the sink until the hot water arrives? You waste many gallons of water that way. Cold water hand washing is just as effective—as long as you soap up your hands and scrub them thoroughly—and does not use nearly as much water. It also saves a bit on energy costs.

3. Old Water Heaters Cause Dirty Water

It's possible for enough rust to build up in your hot water heater to discolor your water, but it very rarely happens. It's much more likely you'll notice other problems, first, such as a failure to heat properly or leaks around the base of the tank. If you do notice rust-colored water, turn on your cold-water tap. If the water is still discolored, you know the problem is not with your heater.

4. Tankless Heaters Are a Magic Bullet

Tankless water heaters have a number of benefits, including space efficiency, low utility costs, and instant hot water. However, they are not right for everyone. Their initial cost is considerably higher, and they often cannot supply enough hot water for simultaneous users, such as someone showering while someone else does laundry. Before purchasing one, examine your budget and your use patterns.

For expert water heater maintenance, repair, or installation, contact Bernie Buchner, an experienced plumbing and HVAC service in La Crosse, WI. In business for more than 60 years, they now service all communities within a 60-mile radius from their office and offer 24/7 emergency service. Visit their website to message them online or call (608) 784-9000 to schedule an appointment.

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