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3 Critical Areas for Insulation During the Winter December 28, 2018

3 Critical Areas for Insulation During the Winter, Green, Ohio

Your home’s insulation plays an important role in keeping warm air locked inside and cool drafts out. This is especially critical during the winter months when sub-zero wind chills can make their way through poorly-insulated areas. If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to have the following key areas in your home insulated to prepare for winter weather.

3 Areas Where You Need Insulation Most in Cold Weather

1. Attic

Warm air rises, which means a good deal of your home’s warmth can make its way out through the attic. The more air-tight this area of your home is, the better you’ll be able to retain warmth. One of the best ways to insulate an attic is through non-combustible fiberglass blowing wool insulation. This material delivers a seamless blanket of coverage and can be installed in a variety of different thicknesses to meet each home’s unique needs. 

2. Exterior Walls

insulationUnder normal circumstances, heating and cooling can take up 50 to 70% of a household’s energy use, but this figure could be even higher during cold winter nights. If you have an older home, and your heat is seeping out through poorly insulated exterior walls, you could find yourself paying more in energy bills as your heating system works harder to compensate. Batt insulation can be installed between the exterior wall studs to form a strong barrier, which will increase your home’s thermal resistance.

3. Crawl Space

An insulated crawl space can make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Yet, it can also prevent serious issues like mold and moisture problems, which tend to develop as a result of wetness seeping up through the crawl space. Spray foam is a unique, powerful form of insulation that is ideal for crawl spaces. It is injected into any holes or small spaces and expands 100 times its original space to fill the area.


If you’re exploring your insulation options to help keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient, contact Priority 1 Construction Service. Located in Cincinnati, OH, this trusted contractor serves the Tri-State area and has more than 20 years of industry experience. Among their broad range of insulation materials is Icynene foam, a healthy and “green” product well-suited for attics, floors, and crawl spaces. Learn more about their different types of solutions on their website or call (513) 922-0203 to discuss your needs today.

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