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3 Reasons to Always Hire a Professional Electrician January 2, 2019

Normal, Ashland
3 Reasons to Always Hire a Professional Electrician, Ashland, Kentucky

Electrical work is complex and dangerous, which is why DIY projects should never be a consideration when wiring is on the list. Hiring an experienced and licensed electrician is well worth the investment. Consider a few of the reasons why electrical projects should always be something you trust to an experienced contractor.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Electrician

1. Prevent Fires

Anything less than expert electric repair work will risk an electrical fire. Some common mistakes homeowners make that cause a disaster include using the wrong size fuse, using the wrong wire for a source, or installing a switch or outlet incorrectly. Electrical fires are especially dangerous and destructive since they burn hot, spread quickly, and are difficult to extinguish with water.

2. Avoid Electrocution

electricianElectrocution is a serious concern when amateurs are working with exposed wiring. Anyone near you or touching you when you get shocked could also be injured. These injuries could range from a slight shock to deep electrical burns, causing severe internal injuries or even death. A professional takes on that risk for you and is well-trained in how to avoid electrocution.

3. Save Money

Homeowners often try to complete a project themselves to save some money, but chances are you’ll spend more than you would if you had hired a professional. Because electrical installation and repair are so complex, odds are that someone inexperienced would do something wrong. If this is the case, you’ll have bought all the tools and materials to do the project then have to pay an electrician to fix what went wrong.


No matter what size or type of project you need to be done, trust the Mueller Electric team to handle it. Since 1994, their team has been serving the property owners of Ashland, KY, and throughout the tri-state region with expert work in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. When you hire their electrician, you’ll learn why they’re a Top Rated and Elite Service Professional by Contact them online or at (606) 325-0275 to request a free estimate today!

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