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How to Choose the Best Mattress for You & Why It Matters December 26, 2018

Dothan, Houston
How to Choose the Best Mattress for You & Why It Matters, Dothan, Alabama

Mattresses wear out just like anything else you use on a daily basis, and with thousands of available options, it isn’t always easy to know what to shop for when it’s time to replace yours. Here’s a brief guide on finding a mattress and how the right sleeping surface could improve your life. 

Selecting the Right Mattress

How Can You Choose? 

While a large part of mattress shopping is narrowing down your personal preference, some mattresses are better suited for certain types of sleepers than they are for others. For instance, side sleepers typically enjoy softer beds that contour to the curves of their body, while back sleepers require more support to protect their spine. Stomach sleepers can enjoy a larger range of surface hardness levels, with some people preferring slightly softer or harder surfaces. 

mattressYour weight can also dictate which type of mattress feels best on your body. Since lighter people put less pressure on mattresses and heavier people sink lower into the mattress, choosing the right combination of cushioning and support is important. 

To make shopping for mattresses easier, think carefully about your sleep style and personal preferences, and take your time when you visit showrooms. 

Why Does Mattress Choice Matter?

In addition to providing your spine and muscles with support as you sleep, a great mattress can also promote better rest, which can ward off problems like fatigue, headaches, impaired judgment, and even obesity. Since certain mattresses are also designed to be adjustable to allow for multiple sitting and sleeping arrangements, mattress choice could also make it easier to do things like watch TV before sleep or get into or out of bed during the night. 


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