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3 Reasons to Design a Custom Engagement Ring December 27, 2018

Clayton, St. Louis County
3 Reasons to Design a Custom Engagement Ring, Clayton, Missouri

When proposing to the love of your life, a custom engagement ring can make the event even more special. After all, the ring you give should be as beautiful and unique as the bond the two of you share. Here are a few reasons to give a custom ring when popping the question.

3 Benefits of a Custom Engagement Ring

1. Make the Ring Unique

Every romantic relationship is its own little world, with jokes and stories only the two people involved can understand. Your relationship with your partner is singular and distinctive and should be celebrated as such. Let the ring you choose reflect that singularity. A custom design ensures no one else will have a ring like the one you are presenting, signifying to your partner that you think there is no one as special as they are.

2. Combine Different Design Elements

custom engagement ringIt's not uncommon for engagement ring shoppers to like many different types of rings or certain aspects of several different rings. With a custom design, you can marry multiple elements to create the perfect ring. Why settle for a ring that only offers one appealing quality when you create a design that incorporates all of them?

3. Give the Ring Special Meaning

A custom engagement ring lets you inject special meaning and personal messages into the design. Letters, numbers, shapes, and symbols can all be added to represent significance connections between you and your partner. Consider having it engraved with the location of where you met or fell in love, or if the two of you have a special number, have that many stones set in the ring.


Custom engagement rings are a way to show your love and devotion while adding your own signature style and flair. Clayton Jewelers is proud to work with their customers to craft unforgettable custom designs. Owner Steven Paige has been creating custom rings for St. Louis County residents for more than 20 years. They also offer wedding bands, watches, and jewelry repair services. To start designing the perfect ring, contact them by calling (314) 726-2220 or by visiting their website.

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