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4 Health Tips for Bringing a New Pet Into Your Home December 21, 2018

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4 Health Tips for Bringing a New Pet Into Your Home, Sycamore, Ohio

When you decide to introduce a new animal into the family, there are a number of important veterinary care steps to take to ensure they are healthy. Assessing your new animal’s health is essential to the safety of your family—both humans and pets alike. When bringing a new pet into the home, follow these tips to maintain the health of all animals involved.

4 Healthy Ways to Introduce a New Animal to Your Family

1. Health Exam

Before your new pet’s arrival, schedule a veterinary care appointment to have their overall health evaluated. The veterinarian will perform a comprehensive physical exam of the animal, including their vitals and any signs or symptoms of an underlying condition. You should also discuss a vaccination schedule with the veterinarian to ensure your animal remains protected against dangerous diseases.

2. Have Your Pet Tested

veterinary careIn addition to checking their general well-being, you should also have your veterinary care professional test for any possible parasites, such as heartworms, whipworms, tapeworms, or fleas. Blood tests are needed to identify viruses like FIV or Felv, or Bartonella infection for cats. You should quarantine your new pet away from others in the home for a couple weeks in case the newbie develops any infectious or contagious diseases, like an upper respiratory infection or parvovirus. If you bring a new animal into the home with one of these conditions, you run the risk of exposing your other pets to these diseases.

3. Spay & Neuter

Plan on having your new pet spayed or neutered when they reach the appropriate age (usually 5-6 months, but it depends on the breed and individual risk factors). That’s also a good time to place a microchip for permanent identification if your pet doesn’t have one already.

4. Schedule Follow-Ups

Once you’ve taken the initial steps to assess the health of the pet, you’ll want to schedule the appropriate follow-up veterinary care visits. This will alert you to any changes in your pet’s well-being and allow the veterinarian to give any required booster vaccinations.

If you’re ready to welcome a pet into your family but need to find the right veterinary care for them, visit the professionals at Montgomery Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. The veterinarians provide a variety of important health services for new pets, from vaccinations to overall wellness exams. To learn more about this animal hospital, visit them online, or call (513) 791-7912 to schedule an examination.

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