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4 Tips for Protecting Your Water Heater During Winter January 14, 2019

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4 Tips for Protecting Your Water Heater During Winter, La Crosse, Wisconsin

During the frigid winter months, having hot water for showering and household chores is a must. Unfortunately, frigid temperatures and ice can cause a water heater to stop working. The good news is there preventative steps you can take to ensure your unit will continue operating through the cold season. Here are several of them to consider.

Winter Care Tips for Water Heaters

1. Provide Insulation

If pipes are not protected from freezing, drafty air, they are more prone to burst. As a result, water leaks can cause costly and dangerous damage in the home. To avoid this scenario, wrap pipes with durable insulation to keep them warm.

2. Keep Vents Clear

water heaterMost water heaters have exhaust and intake vents that are designed to channel gases outside and away from the home. During the winter season, the vents may become clogged with snow, twigs and other debris. Take the time to remove unwanted items to keep vents clear and prevent damage to the water heater.

3. Drain the Storage Tank

Winter is the time some families travel for the holidays. If your plans include an extended vacation, drain the storage tank before leaving. If there’s any residual water left in the tank, the device could freeze and cause a burst and water leaks while you’re away.

4. Schedule an Inspection

To be on the safe side, it’s best to have your water heater inspected by a plumber before winter kicks into high gear. They will thoroughly check it for any rust spots and other areas that can trigger leaks. Most inspections also include checking the tank for any buildup of sediment or calcium deposits. If any issues are spotted during the inspection, the plumber will be able to make the necessary repairs.


Your household relies on hot water for a number of tasks around the home. Make sure your water heater is protected during the winter season. Since 1952, Bernie Buchner in La Crosse, WI, has been the area’s premier plumber for professional installation, repair, and maintenance services. What makes the locally owned firm unique is the entire team takes pride in providing honesty and up-front pricing to its customers. If you ever have a plumbing emergency, count on them for 24/7 emergency responses. Call (608) 784-9000 for a free estimate. Or, visit their website for information on their full suite of products and services.

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