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3 Tips for Ensuring Smooth Heating Oil Deliveries During Winter January 20, 2019

Wilton, Fairfield County
3 Tips for Ensuring Smooth Heating Oil Deliveries During Winter, Wilton, Connecticut

Winter in Connecticut is no joke. By January, most parts of the state have already received several inches of snowfall. If you rely on heating oil to protect your home from the intense cold, take proactive measures to ensure there are no interruptions in your deliveries and your property remains warm all season.

How to Avoid Getting Stuck With an Empty Heating Oil Tank in Winter

1. Make Room for the Truck

Heating oil delivery trucks resemble tankers and take up about as much space. Before your tank is scheduled to be filled, move all of the vehicles out of your driveway to give the truck room to pull in. Also, clear any snow or ice leading to and surrounding the fill pipe. 

2. Mark the Path to Fill Pipe

heating oilLocating the fill pipe of a tank is not always straightforward. Make this process easier for your delivery driver by identifying the path leading up to it. This should be easy if you’ve already shoveled away snow, but you can also place bright flags or cone markers along the route. Also, placing a bucket over the fill pipe makes it easy to identify and helps to prevent snow and ice coverage.  

3. Schedule in Advance

Heating oil is in high demand during winter. The best way to ensure your tank doesn’t run dry is to schedule your deliveries as far in advance as possible. Look for a vendor that offers automatic delivery so you can lock in pricing at the beginning of the season and never have to call for a refill. 


Having full tanks all winter is important, but don’t get stuck with just any heating oil. At Servco Oil & Propane, they deliver BioHeat®—their own special formula of biodegradable and superefficient heating oil mixed with renewable biofuel made from natural sources. The differences their customers throughout Fairfield County, CT, have seen is undeniable! If you want a cleaner burning oil with increased efficiency, call them today at (203) 762-7994 to schedule your automatic deliveries. Also, visit their website to learn more about their heating services. 

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