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5 Ways to Customize Your Child's Pool Party January 23, 2019

Kihei, Maui
5 Ways to Customize Your Child's Pool Party, Kihei, Hawaii

If you have a swimming pool at home, use it as the main feature of your child’s birthday party. It's a great way for everyone to cool off and there are plenty of outdoor activities you can plan for kids of all ages. Here are a few tips for sprucing up your next pool party. 

How to Make a Kid's Pool Party Memorable

1. Create a Tropical Photo Booth

Photo booths outside are simple to make. Grab a colored bed sheet, pool noodles, beach balls, and a decorative garland to create the booth. In a basket, gather oversized sunglasses, headbands with fun features such as a unicorn horn or attached ears, and funky hats. Assign a family member to photograph kids at the booth, where they can pick up a prop to pose with throughout the party. 

2. Have a Variety of Fun Floats

swimming poolThere are several fun floats available, from half-eaten donuts to flamingoes and popsicles. Have your child pick their favorites and place them in the swimming pool before everyone arrives. Not only will everyone have fun floating on them, but they will fill the empty pool space with decor while providing safety for the kids. 

3. Make Tasty Popsicles 

A cold and refreshing snack is a necessity in the heat, so create tasty popsicles for everyone to enjoy. In an ice cube tray, add fruit such as fresh strawberries or watermelon, and then top it with juice before freezing. You can add a dollop of ice cream for a delicious dessert. Make sure they enjoy the treats outside of the swimming pool to avoid popsicle sticks from clogging the drain system. 

4. Include Different Games

Pool parties are the perfect time for fun games. You can hang a pinata, set up a pin-the-tail game, and use beach balls as bowling balls to knock over cones. Set up a few different gaming stations so kids can play around at different ones.

5. Provide Fun Goody Bags

From temporary tattoos to colorful sunglasses, kids will love having items to play with long after the party. You can encourage everyone to open their goody bags together so they can trade out their favorite items as well. 



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