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Does Home Heating Oil Expire? December 27, 2018

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Does Home Heating Oil Expire?, Ledyard, Connecticut

Heating oil remains one of the most popular ways for homeowners to keep their living space warm and cozy through the winter months. For those who use this fuel source, it’s common to buy it in bulk so as to benefit from quantity discounts and avoid running out while the temperatures are still freezing. Because of this, customers often have oil left over once the heating season has ended. In most cases, the excess will simply be stored for next year; however, many homeowners stock up on the fuel without realizing it has an expiration date. If you use heating oil, here is what you need to know about it going bad.

What to Know About the Life Span of Home Heating Oil

Typical Shelf Life for Heating Oil

Heating oil can typically last 18 to 24 months without decaying. This is the case as long as it has the right additives added to it and is properly stored. Additives help to stabilize the fuel and prevent sludge and sediment from building up, thereby, increasing its shelf life. It’s important to note that once oil has started to degrade, there is no way to rejuvenate it.

Factors That Determine How Long It Lasts

How much time you get out of your heating oil will depend on a few different factors, including the condition of the tank and outside temperatures. Oil tanks will begin to corrode as they age, which can contaminate the fuel with rust, water, dirt, and debris. Also, if temperatures get extremely low, it can cause oil to coagulate and clog your heating system.

Signs Heating Oil Has Gone Bad

heating oilOften, you can tell if heating oil has gone bad by its smell. If bacteria has leaked into the fuel tank and caused sludge to form, the result will be a foul odor. To see whether or not your oil is still in good condition, remove the cap to the tank and inhale. If you aren’t sure, have a professional inspect it.

How to Handle Expired Oil

If you determine that your heating oil is expired, the best thing you can do is call your delivery service to have it removed. They will make every attempt to recycle the fuel if possible or else they will take it somewhere to be reprocessed. Many communities have strict codes regulating how oil should be disposed of to prevent environmental and health concerns.


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