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How to Choose a Siding Color December 26, 2018

How to Choose a Siding Color, ,

Selecting the right color for the siding of your home can improve your curb appeal and boost its value. With a variety of hues available, sidings can match a wide range of architectural styles and designs—from rustic to contemporary. However, having an abundance of options can make choosing difficult. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

4 Tips for Picking a Siding Color

1. Consider Your Home’s Style

Let your home’s architectural style guide you when choosing, but don’t limit yourself to it. Colonial-style homes are traditionally done in white, and adding a pop of color to your siding brings a modern twist to the façade. For Mediterranean and Tuscan homes, use a warm palette of colors, such as orange, peach, or terracotta.

2. Drive Around the Neighborhood

Before deciding, look at your neighbors’ homes and their siding colors. Some subdivisions and homeowners’ associations have rules regarding exterior house colors to keep a cohesive look to the community. But if your neighborhood doesn’t have imposed regulations, pick hues that won’t stand out too much and match other homes in the neighborhood. 

3. Choose What You Want to Highlight

sidingDarker siding colors will make your home look smaller, but you can add a mid-tone trim to brighten the hues and add dimension. You could even paint your siding white and play with vibrant colors for your doors and windows. If you have a beautiful landscape, highlight it by muting your home’s exterior hues.

4. Settle on a Palette

Look at the color wheel to get inspiration. Find combinations that work well together. If you want a relaxing feel, pick hues with similar tones that are close to each other on the wheel, such as orange and yellow. For a more dramatic effect, choose colors that are opposite each other, such as orange and blue. 


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