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How Violations, Misdemeanors, and Felonies Differ December 27, 2018

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How Violations, Misdemeanors, and Felonies Differ, Groton, Connecticut

Criminal charges in Connecticut may be classified as an infraction, misdemeanor, or felony. The consequences differ depending on the classification of the criminal charge, and it will also influence the approach a criminal law attorney takes with the defense. Below is some insight into how each type of crime differs from one another.


Violations are viewed as a minor breach of the law. These are petty offenses, such as speeding, public intoxication, stalking, and trespassing. Offenders don’t have to serve jail time when charged with a violation, but they do have to pay a fine. Although violations may not seem too serious, it’s still a good idea to seek legal help to avoid increased insurance rates and a possible license suspension or revocation. 


criminal law attorneyAlthough they are considered to be less serious than felonies, a misdemeanor conviction can still impact a person’s life significantly. As such, contact a criminal law attorney to get the charges reduced or dropped. There are three classes of misdemeanors—class A, B, and C—and all will result in no more than one year spent in jail and a fine that can range from $500 up to $2,000. Examples of misdemeanor offenses include indecent exposure, leaving a child in a car unattended, and reckless damage or destruction of property.


Felonies are the most severe kind of charges criminal law attorneys are tasked with defending. There are four classifications—class A, B, C, and D—and the consequences vary from the death penalty (Class A) to five years in prison (Class D), depending on the nature of the crime. Murder, kidnapping, and arson are all examples of felony offenses. These are also punishable with a hefty fine, and offenders will lose certain rights.



With a legal background that spans more than three decades, criminal law attorney Mark O. Grater Attorney at Law has represented numerous residents in New London County, CT. He has vast experience handling all types of cases, which has earned him a track record of success among his clients. Call (860) 449-8059 to schedule a consultation or visit his website for more information on the services he provides.  

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