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3 Unique Winter Funeral Arrangement Ideas December 22, 2018

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3 Unique Winter Funeral Arrangement Ideas, Morehead, Kentucky

If the death of a loved one happens during the winter season, you will want to arrange a funeral that’s both beautiful and sentimental. Though winter may seem bleak and cold compared to other seasons, you still have many options at hand to create elegant and fitting funeral arrangements. Generating ideas for the funeral may seem difficult at first, but you may find that wintertime offers its own unique and pleasing way to celebrate your loved one’s life.

Top 3 Ideas for a Winter Funeral

1. Choose a Color Theme

Focusing on a color theme is a popular option for winter funeral arrangements. Because the days are shorter and darker in the winter, you may want to use light-reflecting metallic colors like gold and silver. Dark hues often seen during the winter can also work in your favor and evoke a sense of elegance and peace. Whatever shades you choose, select decor that matches your color theme throughout the service.

2. Display Handmade Memorial Pieces

funeral arrangementsThere are many ways to customize memorial pieces for the funeral arrangements. Some individuals choose to pick out their loved one’s favorite flowers instead of standard arrangements. A memorial quilt made from fabric-printed pictures of your loved one or from their personal clothing items can also serve as a sentimental piece. Snow globes that are popular during the winter season can feature your loved one’s photo or an item that reminds you of them.

3. Food Preparation

If you choose to serve food before or after the funeral to guests, wintertime is perfect for hot and heart-warming food. Serving hot soup, casseroles, and wintertime drinks such as hot apple cider or hot cocoa are ideal. Guests are sure to appreciate the warm, comforting meal during the cold season.


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