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3 Benefits of High-Velocity Jetting Services for Sewer Lines December 27, 2018

North Branford, New Haven County
3 Benefits of High-Velocity Jetting Services for Sewer Lines, North Branford, Connecticut

At some point as a homeowner, you are likely to experience clogged drains. When this issue becomes a repeat-problem, it’s time to put down the drain cleaner and bring in professional high-velocity jetting services. Here is an introduction to the benefits of this process to help you decide if it’s time to make an appointment for your home.

The Perks of Scheduling High-Velocity Jetting Services

1. Clearing Out Immediate Clogs

The main purpose of high-velocity jetting is to remove the clog that caused you to call a professional. This process involves directing high-power water into the pipes to blast through whatever is causing the problem leaving the pipes free and clear to process water or waste normally again.

2. Preventing Future Buildup

jetting serviceJetting service doesn’t just mitigate one clog. Instead, the high-volume, high-pressure water removes everything in its path like grease, hair, sewage buildup, and even rust. This process thoroughly cleans the entire pipe instead of just addressing one blockage, reducing the likelihood of clogs in the near future.

It can be especially helpful to set up a jetting appointment if you’ve just moved into an older home to immediately clear out the pipes. This way you know they’re ready for years of steady use by lowering your risk of clogs and drain issues.

3. Improving Pipe Efficiency

Pipes tend to develop layers of buildup from normal use. Without jetting service, you may notice showers, sinks, and tubs drain slower because of this slowly shrinking pathway out of your home. Regular jetting service will remove the gunk inside the pipes and provide the largest route for sewage and water to leave your house safely and efficiently.


If you’re interested in setting up high-velocity jetting services contact Sanitrol Septic Services in New Haven County, CT. Their team has over 34 years of experience catering to septic maintenance as well as repairs and inspections for residences and commercial buildings. Call (203) 315-3202 or visit the website for information on how they can clean and unclog your plumbing and septic system thanks to a talented crew and top-notch equipment.

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