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A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Chandelier for Each Room December 26, 2018

Bryan Station, Lexington-Fayette Northeast
A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Chandelier for Each Room, Lexington-Fayette Northeast, Kentucky

Chandeliers are more than illumination. They add a decorative touch to enhance any room in your home. Finding the right lighting does not have to be hard, especially if you follow a few simple guidelines for every area. Below is a brief guide to get started.

How to Pick Chandeliers for Your Home’s Lighting

1. Dining Room & Kitchen

Chandeliers in these rooms should be centered over a table, not the middle of the room. Chandeliers should also be about a third of the table’s width. Rooms with oval or rectangular tables can have bigger light fixtures, but make sure there is at least 30 inches from the bottom to the table top. Consider lighting with dimmers as well to create an atmosphere during meal times.

2. Entryway

Stick with the architectural feel of your entryway when selecting light fixtures. For foyers with high ceilings and an elegant stairway, consider large ornate crystal chandeliers that will make the entrance of your home feel grand. If your style is more rustic and your home features natural wood and rich colors, select something less opulent. Simple, clean designs in matte bronze or wrought iron will give a modern feel to the space.

3. Living Room

lightingThe size of your living room will determine how much lighting and what style you need. For smaller rooms, one striking chandelier in the center creates a beautiful focal point. Add table lamps and wall sconces to increase illumination. For a larger space, especially if there are multiple seating areas, you may need more than one chandelier. They can be matching or complementary, but make sure the design fits the aesthetic of your room.

4. Bedrooms

Similar to the living room, chandeliers in a bedroom should match the scale of the room and should not hang too low. Most choose to set light fixtures directly over a bed, but in larger spaces, the middle of the room also works, especially if there are multiple sections, such as a reading corner or dressing table area. Dimmers work well in bedrooms to create ambiance and control lighting levels.

5. Bathrooms

Bathrooms can benefit from a beautiful chandelier. Hanging light fixtures over a tub creates a luxurious feel but be sure that the bottom of the design is at least eight feet above the highest part of your bathtub. Also, ensure that light fixtures are designed to handle humid or wet locations. Wiring must be UL (Underwriters Laboratories)-rated for safety in a damp environment.


For the perfect chandelier for every room in your home, head to Kentucky Lighting & Supply. With showrooms in Lexington, Georgetown, and Frankfort, these lighting experts offer an extensive choice of light fixtures, outdoor lighting, wall-mounted options, and more. Their team brings more than 50 years of experience for every client’s needs. Call (859) 259-0466 to get started or view their online catalog.

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