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3 Tips For Garage Door Winter Maintenance December 26, 2018

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3 Tips For Garage Door Winter Maintenance , Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Winter weather affects more than just road conditions. The snow and ice put excessive wear on your garage door, leading to damage or even a potential breakdown. To keep your garage functioning smoothly all season long, follow the winter maintenance tips below. 

3 Tips to Prepare Your Garage for Winter

1. Add Insulation

Adding insulation to your garage walls helps with temperature control by keeping cold air from seeping into your home. As a result, your HVAC system doesn’t have to consume more energy to maintain a comfortable home. Not only does this keep your monthly utility bills low, but it also prevents your pipes from freezing over. 

2. Replace the Weatherstripping

garage doorIn addition to insulation, weatherstripping seals off the gaps around your windows and doors to prevent air leaks. It also prevents rain, snow, and ice from entering your garage and causing water damage. Inspect the weatherstripping around your garage before winter begins. If you see any significant wear and tear or damage, it’s important to replace it right away. 

3. Schedule an Inspection

To ensure your garage is ready for the upcoming season, schedule a professional inspection with a garage door technician. They have the experience and tools to ensure all moving parts are properly tightened, lubricated, and that there are no faulty springs or components. They will also clean the tracks in the garage door of any dirt or debris that may affect the door’s function. 


Whether you need professional garage door maintenance or repair, turn to the skilled technicians at Doorworks in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Serving residents throughout the Central Wisconsin area for over 25 years, this premier door company offers residential and commercial services, including garage door, storm door, and custom entry door installation and repair. To schedule an appointment with one of their technicians, give them a call today at (715) 424-5777. You can also visit their website or like them on Facebook to learn more about their list of services. 

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