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4 Water Well Problems Caused by Winter Weather December 27, 2018

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4 Water Well Problems Caused by Winter Weather, Charlotte, North Carolina

Winter can be a difficult season for homes that rely on water wells. Freezing temperatures may affect the supply and limit water use for bathing, washing, and other household chores. There are several triggers that cause system malfunctions. Here are several to look out for.

Common Water Well Issues in the Winter

1. Pump Breakdowns

Most well pumps are installed underground. While the natural covering provides a barrier against frigid winter winds, a frozen ground can cause a water well’s pump to stop working. Have the system’s well hole inspected by a pump repair technician. They should check that its seals are intact and there aren’t any damaged or rusty components. Well pumps located above ground need tarps and other coverings to create a barrier against freezing temperatures.

2. Frozen Pipes

water wellWater wells rely on a network of pipes to get water to the home. During the winter, the pipes may freeze and stop water flow. To avoid this scenario, securely wrap the pipes with weather-resistant insulation. If you wrap plumbing inside the home to prevent water leaks, do the same for interior water well pipes. The insulation will also help keep them from freezing and bursting unexpectedly.

3. Water Loss

Leaves, dirt, and other debris can clog a water well pump and stop water flow. A well driving contractor will remove the pump, clear the clog, and reset it so that it’s properly leveled. If the pump is set too deep, it can cause a drop in water production and an increase in unwanted air.

4. Low Water Pressure

After turning on a faucet or shower, you may notice that water is trickling out or intermittently. Force is needed to propel water so that it flows properly through pipes. If a water well is producing low water pressure, winter weather may be the culprit. To be sure, have the well’s pressure tank inspected for any damage or old age. The tank’s gauges may just need a readjustment to the proper levels.  


Ensure your home will have adequate water production this winter. For more than 40 years, Oehler Pump & Well Service Inc. in Charlotte, NC, has served the region by providing top-notch water well drilling and maintenance repair services. Home and business owners continue to rely on the family-owned firm for competitive prices, honesty and transparency, and its 100% commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Make sure your water well is in top condition this winter. Call (704) 875-2209 to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate on services. Visit their website for information on their full lineup of services, including water treatment and pump repair.

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