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How Regular Septic Pumping Avoids Costly Repairs December 26, 2018

Powers, Cass
How Regular Septic Pumping Avoids Costly Repairs, Powers, Minnesota

If you have a septic system in your home, regular maintenance is a must. Septic pumping clears out your tank and allows it to function optimally for longer. With some information, you’ll understand why tanks need pumping and what happens when they aren’t.

Why Do Septic Tanks Need To be Pumped?

Septic tanks design functions so that heavier materials sink to the bottom, dispersing liquids into the leach field. Heavy materials accumulating in the tank inhibits the flow of liquid. This will lead to more extensive repair issues. 

How Often Should Septic Pumping Occur?

Septic PumpingMost homes have their tank pumped every three to five years. However, this also depends on how many people are living in a home and how much the septic system is being used. If there are only one or two inhabitants in a home, there will be longer intervals between routine maintenance. Larger families typical require more frequent pumping, sometimes every two years or so.

What Problems Can Result?

The area around your tank is bound to give off a foul odor, which is unpleasant. You also risk clogged pipes, causing sewage to back up into your home. This damages fixtures and contributes to an unhealthy environment if you or any other inhabitants come into contact with raw sewage. Lastly, the costs for addressing a septic tank backup are larger than scheduling maintenance every few years or so.


If you’re in need of septic pumping in Backus, MN, Northland Septic Maintenance is here to assist you. With two decades of experience under their belts, they can assess the health of your septic system and create a maintenance schedule that suits your specific needs. If you’re already experiencing issues, such as backups and clogged drains, they will get to the heart of the problem and offer a reliable repair solution. They can also design septic systems for new construction, as well as perform service for commercial properties. Call (888) 454-4999 to schedule septic tank maintenance at your home. You can also visit them online for a complete listing of services.

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