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How to Teach Kids the Importance of Sharing December 26, 2018

Plymouth, Plymouth
How to Teach Kids the Importance of Sharing, Plymouth, Michigan

As soon as kids develop a love of toys and personal possessions, sharing can become a problem. Since it isn’t easy for a child to voluntarily give up an item they’re using or playing with, many parents wonder how to incorporate sharing into their early learning curriculum. Here is a brief overview of why sharing is an important skill for your little one to learn, and how to encourage good behavior at home and school. 

A Guide to Teaching Kids About Sharing

Why Is Sharing Important? 

When children learn to share, they practice empathy and understanding with other kids. They also develop the skills to compromise, which will help them to get along with other children. Sharing also teaches generosity and kindness, which will help your child make friends and socialize as they grow up.

How Can You Teach Sharing? 

early learningOne of the best ways to help your child master this essential early learning skill is by practicing at home. As you go through your day together, practice sharing things like treats, toys, and blankets. If you have multiple children at home, explain to your kids that they may have to share a parent’s attention, and talk about how you will do your best to keep things fair. Ask your child feels when they’re asked to share, and validate their feelings. Have other children over to play so your child has the chance to practice sharing with their peers. 


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