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Why You Should Take Winter Swimming Lessons December 26, 2018

Allston, Boston
Why You Should Take Winter Swimming Lessons, Boston, Massachusetts

In the winter, many people prefer to stay inside where it’s cozy and warm. However, it’s important to stay active even when it’s dark and cold outside. Swimming is a popular exercise that can be enjoyed indoors regardless of the weather. Here are a few reasons to incorporate swimming lessons into your winter workout regimen. 

3 Reasons to Take Swimming Lessons This Winter

1. Works Your Whole Body

Swimming is a full-body workout. It improves muscle definition, builds bone mass, and increases endurance. Unlike many other cardio activities, such as running, which can be hard on the knees, swimming increases your heart rate and provides resistance without any negative impact on the body.  

2. Burn Off Winter Calories

swimming lessonsWinter is the time of year to fill up on heavy meals and stay indoors, which is why it’s common to put on a few extra pounds. Swimming sheds pounds and burns off the seasonal calories. Depending on the stroke and intensity, you can burn a few hundred calories during an hour-long swimming session. 

3. Improve Sleep

Because swimming engages all of the muscle groups, one session can really relax the body and make it easy to fall into a deep, sound sleep. Achieving a better quality of sleep at night means more energy during the day and higher productivity levels at work. 


If you are interested in signing yourself or your children up for swimming lessons, Charles River Aquatics offers the best swimming programs in Massachusetts. They have locations in Boston and at Brandies University. Their programs are designed to help you build the skills you need to be a good swimmer and to stay safe in the water. Whether you’re looking to do one-on-one or group lessons, they have classes available for people of all ages and experience levels. Call (617) 939-8078 to speak with a representative about signing up or visit their website to learn more about their offerings. 

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