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3 Best Tips For Proper TV Installation January 2, 2019

Wilmore, Charlotte
3 Best Tips For Proper TV Installation, Charlotte, North Carolina

Installing a TV in your home is no small feat. From choosing the location to mounting it, proper TV installation takes skill and patience. To ensure your home entertainment system is perfect for endless nights of movies, TV shows, and video games, follow these expert tips. 

3 Tips to Follow When Setting Up Your TV

1. Decide on the Best Location 

The first thing to decide is where your home entertainment system will be located. Whether you like to watch TV while you cook or just want a gathering space to watch the game on Sundays, you’ll need to make sure your TV is close to a power source, around eye-level when you’re sitting, away from windows that could cause glare, and centered within the seating area. Professionals suggest using swivel mounts or articulated mounts so you can re-adjust the device to accommodate different seating arrangements. This ensures you can enjoy the TV from any spot in the room. 

2. Find the Studs

TTV installationhe next step in your TV installation is to find the studs in your wall. These will hold the brackets of the TV to the wall, so it’s important to properly locate them. Use a calibrated stud finder to locate the studs, and be sure not to hit any fire blocks. If the brackets aren’t properly secured to the studs, the weight of your TV will cause it to pull away from the wall and potentially fall to the ground. 

3. Hide All Cords in the Wall

If you’re going to mount a TV to the wall, hide all of the cables to maintain a neat and clean appearance. Hide the cords within a power bridge kit. This compact box sits inside your wall and can hold six to eight feet of cable. 


Whether you’re setting up a single mounted TV or an entire home entertainment system, it helps to have TV installation professionals on your side. The qualified team at Premiere Home Theater has been providing residents of Cornelius, NC, with quality audio, video, and surround sound installation for years. They pride themselves on custom work priced to fit your budget. They also offer a 100% guarantee and will reinstall and replace your equipment at no extra charge if anything fails. Call them today at (704) 449-9448 to schedule professional TV installation or visit their website for more information on their services. 

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