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Reasons for Power Washing Your Home This Winter December 27, 2018

Hampton Bays, Southampton
 Reasons for Power Washing Your Home This Winter, Southampton, New York

When seasons change and temperatures start dropping, cleaning the exterior of your property may feel like a choir you’d rather not do. However, preparing your home for winter is crucial for withstanding harsh, cold weather. Snow, ice, and sleet can be damaging, particularly when dirt and grime have built up on your home. Here’s why it’s better to give your home’s exterior a good power washing and scrubbing this winter.

Why Opt for Winter Power Washing?

1. Minimize Winter Damage

With power washing, dirt and grime that has already settled deep into the surfaces and crevices of your home will be removed. During this time, you may also find mold, mildew, and algae growing on your siding, slowly eating away at the surface. If neglected, they can leave lasting and, often irreparable, damage.

2. Clear Out Gutters

Fall brings with it loose leaves, branches, and other debris that may gather in your gutters. Before winter rolls around, it’s crucial to have these removed by power washing to prevent melting snow and ice from gathering and causing damage to the gutter system, shingles or cause leaks and structural damage inside your home.

3. Boost Curb Appeal

Regardless of the season, routine power washing can maintain your home’s appearance and even boost its curb appeal. By removing grime, dirt, stains, and unsightly fungal growth on the sidings, windows, and deck, you also minimize the need for structural repairs down the road.

4. Save Time & Money

Power washing gets the cleaning done in half the time it takes to do the task by hand, especially if you let professionals handle the job for you. They have the tools, training, and experience to efficiently clean every nook and cranny of your exteriors at an affordable rate.

5. Protect Your Family

power washingWith cold winter weather, it’s common to stay indoors most of the time. But, if you have mildew, mold, and dust thriving on your home’s exteriors, it’s likely that these contaminants can find their way inside your home. They can trigger allergies and respiratory problems, resulting in coughs, colds, and other illnesses.


Before winter gets in full swing, hire the professionals at GM House Painting & Power Washing to do the power washing on your home. As the premier painting contractor in Hampton Bays, NY, they have consistently provided outstanding services across Long Island and New York City. Call (631) 255-5082 to schedule for washing or house painting or send them a message online for service.

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