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Why Flowers Are a Thoughtful Gift for the Holidays December 21, 2018

Hastings, Adams
Why Flowers Are a Thoughtful Gift for the Holidays, Hastings, Nebraska

If you're still making your way down your holiday shopping list, there’s always one item that never fails to impress. Flowers are a versatile gift that can embody the spirit of the season. Not only do they look beautiful, but the recipient will remember your thoughtfulness every time they catch the scent of the fresh blooms. Here are a few other reasons why they make the perfect present for those who seem to have everything.

Reasons to Give Someone Flowers This Christmas

They’re Symbolic

It doesn’t matter what type of relationship you have with someone. You will easily find a color or flower that conveys how much they mean to you. Red symbolizes love and passion while orange flowers are expressions of joy.

flowersIn addition, certain blooms have developed an association with the holidays over time. Christmas roses, for example, were supposedly created by the angels as a gift for baby Jesus. Holly leaves represent everlasting life, and their red berries symbolize Jesus’s sacrifice. These all make ideal centerpieces for holiday gatherings and celebrations. Poinsettias, named after the missionary Joel Poinsett, have red leaves reminiscent of the shape of stars and are associated with the Star of Bethlehem.

They’re Decorative

When candy and knick-knacks aren’t practical presents for someone, floral arrangements can breathe life into their living space, especially during the dark, cold days of winter. For example, a mix of white Asiatic lilies, white roses, and dark blue irises displayed in a bright blue vase can add warm color to a picture window overlooking a snow-capped landscape. Or consider giving them a Christmas wreath, which they can display over the door to welcome guests into their home. 


The florists at Bob Sass Flowers in Hastings, NE, can help you find the perfect flowers for your loved one this holiday season. For more than 60 years, this family-owned and -operated business has crafted beautiful arrangements for every occasion, including Christmas and Hannukah. Customers can also shop for balloon bouquets, scented candles, or home decor at their store. Visit them online to view their full list of offerings. Then call (402) 462-2179 to place an order today. 

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