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4 Facts About Mental Health in the Workplace December 26, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
4 Facts About Mental Health in the Workplace, Lincoln, Nebraska

After many years of being relegated to the shadows, mental health is finally starting to receive greater recognition, with much of the general public accepting that it is just as crucial as physical health to a person's overall well-being. If you work at an office and are worried about how your condition may affect your job, it's likely several of your co-workers are in the same situation. However, the guide below offers several reassuring facts to keep in mind.

What You Should Know About Mental Health

1. Mental Health Issues Are Incredibly Common

As of 2001, the World Health Organization announced that one in four people would experience a mental health problem in their lifetime. For some, this is a temporary situation, while for others, it is a long-term issue requiring ongoing management. However, no-one should feel like they're alone.

2. Treatment Makes a Difference

Mental HealthThankfully, for those who do experience a mental health problem, there is an ever-growing body of psychologists providing counseling and research staff dedicated to coming up with new treatment options to eliminate or reduce the symptoms.

3. Good Mental Health Benefits Companies

Businesses are increasingly offering mental health services. They recognize that when employees feel good, they are more energetic, effective, and productive and, subsequently, less likely to look for alternative job opportunities.

4. Be Prepared for Your Own Extremes

However, even with all these positive advances, those who have mental issues know that they are sometimes prone to extreme emotional reactions. Therefore, for your own sake, confide in a friend about your struggles so that they can prepare to call emergency services if needed. Furthermore, communicate your needs to your company management. Many psychiatric disabilities are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires that employers make certain accommodations for your needs.


If you are in a difficult mental health situation, visit Nebraska’s Lincoln Psychiatric Group. For almost 80 years, they have provided Lancaster County residents with access to skilled therapists to help them manage their mental illnesses. To schedule an appointment, call (402) 476-7557 or get in touch online.

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